Four Years Pass, Sullivan Family Not Giving Up

Published: 7/08 12:57 pm

Rochester, N.Y. – Four years ago Friday, 19-year-old Brian Sullivan was last seen at the Burger King on Chili Avenue.

It’s that area where family and friends return, searching for answers.

“It’s been very difficult, it’s really hard not knowing where your child is, not knowing if they’re here or not,” said Brian’s mother, Barbara Sullivan.

Dozens of supporters handed out flyers to cars at traffic lights.

“Somebody knows something, it’s been four years and there’s been nothing. I’m here to support the family, support the community, hopefully so Brian will come home,” said family friend Karen Dion.

Holding out hope he’s still alive.

“I don’t know, after four years, we don’t know right now but we have some really good investigators working on it,” said Brian’s father, Daniel Sullivan.

The family is staying connected with authorities, not letting this case go cold.

“Their tireless efforts keeping this in the media is what keeps the tips coming in,” said Sgt, Scott Walsh, an investigator with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

The case has even gained attention from other states, like Helen Zimmel from Erie, Pennsylvania; her mother went missing one year ago.

“I wouldn’t miss this for them at all, not even a chance. They’ve become so very great amazing friends of ours, sad for why but we’re glad we have each other in our lives,” said Zimmel.

They launched balloons, signifying their unity and the memories of others lost, hoping they’ll be found again.

The Sullivans say they won’t give up, they’ll continue to hit the streets and raise awareness, hoping Brian will come home.

If you have any information on Brian’s whereabouts, call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

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