Family still hopes to find son after five years

07/08/2012 6:07 PM | Updated at: 07/08/2012 6:37 PM

It’s been five years since anyone has seen Brian Sullivan and for his family it has been a difficult time. Sunday, the Sullivan family was joined by other grieving families for a butterfly release to remember Brian.

When Brian disappeared in 2007, the family was devastated. But the Sullivans say they now understand what other families, like some of the ones that joined them today, have gone through. Because of this the Sullivans say that they have developed bonds over their loses with these families and Barbara Sullivan is grateful.

“If you’re having a bad day, you can sound off a little to them,” says Sullivan. “Because they’ve had bad days too.”

The family is still without any clue to his whereabouts. He was last seen at a Burger King in Gates. Sullivan’s car was found in a wooded area with the doors locked and his wallet inside. Police have received several leads over the years, but none of them have panned out. But despite this, both the Sullivan family, and investigators are still determined to find him.

“We will find him,” says Barbara Sullivan. “Either good or bad, we will find him. We won’t stop looking. We will find him.”

“We work hard,” says Sgt. Scott Walsh. “We have monthly and annual reviews of our cold cases so we’re very in tuned to what the cases are.”

Many of the families that joined the Sullivans today are part of an organization called “Missing the Missing.” The members of this organization all gather and support each other through difficult times.

The Sullivans have placed a new billboard up in Gates and hope that someone will come forward with some information that will help lead to Brian. Anyone with information is urged to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at 753-4278.

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