Police still working on Brian Sullivan case

Jul 8, 2012

Barbara Sullivan

Brian Sullivan was last seen five years ago Sunday, but police investigating his disappearance have not let up.

“We don’t consider this a cold case. We’re constantly getting leads in. We’re constantly investigating these leads,” said Monroe County Sheriff’s Investigator Sgt. Scott Walsh.

“The leads that we get are sighting leads that we have to run down, that take time, that we can’t completely discount, or we can’t completely prove as true. The reason that we haven’t gotten any closure is because, as these leads come in, we don’t have a definitive answer we can use to close the case,” he said.

Walsh attended an event Sunday at Sullivan’s parents’ home at 1372 Paul Road, Chili, to mark the fifth anniversary of his disappearance. There were about 100 people there, including friends, relatives and the families of five or six other missing people.

“Every year we try to mark this day by doing something special to bring awareness. Today we’ve invited several family members with missing loved ones. We want their stories to be out there too. People are missing and it’s going on too long,” said Barbara Sullivan, Brian’s mother.

Brian Sullivan was 19 when he was last seen at 5:38 a.m. July 8, 2007, at the Burger King restaurant on Chili Avenue in Gates.

His 1995 red Pontiac Sunfire was found nearby, at the end of Lettington Avenue, off Hinchey Road. A receipt from the restaurant was found in his car, along with his bank card, and there were no bank transactions or calls made on his cellphone, his mother said shortly after the disappearance.

The group gathered Sunday released helium-filled balloons and about three dozen butterflies to symbolize peace and hope. Afterward, they enjoyed a picnic and went swimming in the Sullivan’s pool.

While years have passed since their loved ones went missing, Barbara Sullivan and the other parents have remained positive.

Ray Bradley

“I hope that every one of us finds our kids alive. Hopefully they’re doing well and they’re healthy and they’re not being abused or hurt,” said Ray Bradley, 46, of Rochester.

His son, Jonathan, has been missing since May 3, 2005. He would be 28 today.


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