A Mother’s Plea

By Barbara Sullivan, Brian’s Mother

July 8th, 2007 was a beautiful day. My husband was cooking ribs on the grill, one of Brian’s favorites. I was starting to think I should give him a call. He had recently bought a car and had not returned from the evening before. I thought he was at a friends house and then spent the night.

An officer from the Monroe County Sheriff pulled up at our house, and that is when my familys nightmare began. He asked for Brian, and then informed us that Brian’s car had been found on a dead end street which is surrounded by 125 aces of woods. Nothing was out of place. He said they were not going to tow it because maybe he went with someone and was coming back for it. I called him on his phone and it went straight to voice mail. I went to see the car and because I did not yet get a key, I was unable to get into it. His cash card, phone charger, and wallet were on the seat. My husband and I decided to leave it there hoping he would come back for it. He never did come back to it. The next day we towed it.

Brian Sullivan’s vehicle

We still thought maybe he had just taken off for a couple of days. He never had before, but he is 19. He was undecided about returning to the community college he had been attending and was possibly going to look out of state. We had been discussing that he should either sign up for school or get a job.

My family had conducted a couple of searches on their own and then at our insistence that something was not right, the police did 2 searches. They then reported Brian as missing and started getting ready for a big search with horses, dogs, army national guard, swat, police, atv’s, and helicopters. They did not even pick up a scent.

Since then we have handed out flyers with the help of the community and some local trucking companies. We have sent flyers to friends and family out of state. When ever I hear of someone traveling, I ask them to take some. These are at the Canadian and American borders and some thruway booths. We have him listed on many missing persons websites. We have created a MySpace account for him and have used that to keep the message out. Recently, we offered a reward. We have tried to keep it in the news every 3 to 4 weeks.

I have not slept for more than 2 hours at a time since this began. One minute I feel like hes O.K., then a wave of nausea hits me thinking he would never just not call me. My daughter who is 21, newly married, and pregnant with a husband deployed, needs her baby brother. He was excited about Brittney being pregnant and becoming an uncle. My husband who is disabled to begin with has aged 20 yrs both physically and mentally. His friends and extended family are also hurting. Life just isnit the same with out him here. We do believe that some one knows what happened or where our Brian is.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department (New York) 1-585-753-4900

orĀ  CUE Center For Missing Persons 24 Hr Confidential Tip Line ( 910) 232-1687

3 Responses to A Mother’s Plea

  1. As a mother myself my heart goes out to you. I have put your son’s information on my wall and I will keep you all in my prayers. Never give up.

  2. ElusiveButterfly says:

    As a Mother, just reading your words, makes my heart ache for you. I am so, so sorry that Brian is missing , and that you are having to endure such pain. I can’t even imagine the not knowing. My prayers are with you, and your family and Brian. May you find strength and comfort, in knowing that we care. I pray you find the answers you need, to bring Brian home! I believe in miracles!

  3. Barb Every says:

    My heart ache’s for your whole family! I will pray for Brian and your family!! I am not sure were his car was found,some where in monroe county, I will post this information and say lots of prays for you all!! May God help you and Brain thur this painful time.

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